Bucks County
Barn Tour



The Heritage Conservancy's Barn Voyage! Self-Guided Driving Tour takes you past more than 15 historic barns nestled in the scenic countryside. The tour begins on Moyer Road in Hellertown, PA and makes a large circle through Upper Bucks County.

Note: We recommend putting on your car's hazard signals while taking the tour to ensure the safety of yourself and fellow drivers.

Start: 3016 Moyer Road   
Hellertown, PA 18055 

Located on the north side of Route 412 at Moyer Road is a large Standard barn of three-bay construction, where the stonework extends to the peak of the roof.

• Go south on Moyer Road toward Route 412
• Turn left onto Route 412
• Turn left onto Route 212 
• Turn left onto Springtown Hill Road, go .2 miles to 

2916 Springtown Hill Road
Hellertown, PA 18055 

This two-level bank barn is a rare example of a Pennsylvania German Sweitzer Barn, the earliest style of forebay barns in the state and the precursor of the PA Standard barn. 

• Go east on Springtown Hill Road toward Lower Saucon Road 
• Springtown Hill Road becomes Main Street/Route 412/Route 212, go .2 miles to

3298 Route 412 
Hellertown, PA 18055 

The next stone barn is located right along the road and has central bays constructed from wood. The central section of the structure represents a barn with a double threshing floor. 

• Go east on Main Street/Route 412/Route 212 toward Mill Street
• Turn right onto Bodder Road, go .1 miles to 

2955 Bodder Road
Riegelsville, PA 18077

This frame-over-stone bank barn is an example of a simple structure that still has small ornamental details indicating the time and pride that went into its construction. 

• Go south on Bodder Road toward Lenape Way
• Turn left onto Route 412, go .08 miles to

6145 Route 412 
Riegelsville, PA 18077 

The next stop is an architectural gem and perhaps one of the most recognizable barns in Upper Bucks County.

• Go south on Route 412 toward Lehnenberg Road 
• Turn right onto Slifer Valley Road, 1.1 miles to 

3005 Slifer Valley Road
Riegelsville, PA 18077 

This stone structure is a Standard Pennsylvania barn with a frame front wall above a recessed stone wall with a number of doors that lead into separate stalls. 

• Go west on Slifer Valley Road toward Hickory Lane, go .4 miles to 

2789 Slifer Valley Road
Riegelsville, PA 18077

This gambrel roof barn is a ground barn with the main doors located on either end of the barn rather than on the long sides. 


• Go southwest on Slifer Valley Road toward Knecht Bridge Road, go .4 miles to 

2655 Slifer Valley Road
Riegelsville, PA 18077 

This preserved farm complex has a remarkable collection of buildings located along a sweeping bend in the road.

• Go south on Slifer Valley Road, go .5 miles to


2545 Slifer Valley Road
Riegelsville, PA 18077 

This property stands as a testament to a preserved farm that brought nineteenth century buildings into twenty-first-century agriculture. The property features a farm store that brings the bounty of the farm directly to the public. 

• Go west on Slifer Valley Road toward Pleasant Hollow Road 
• Take the second left onto Old Bethlehem Road/Route 212, go .3 miles to 

2135 Route 212
Coopersburg, PA 18036

This barn represents an example of a working farm. The main barn is supported by a series of smaller historic and modern outbuildings, giving the appearance of an agricultural village.

• Go south on Old Bethlehem Road/Route 212 toward Pleasant View Road, go .4 miles to

1965 Route 212
Quakertown, PA 18951

This Pennsylvania Bank barn with a projecting forebay shows how traditional barn features were maintained even as new barn features were incorporated. The most dominant feature of the barn is its gambrel roof. 

• Go south on Old Bethlehem Road/Route 212 toward Sideline Road, go .6 miles to

1925 Old Bethlehem Road
Quakertown, PA 18951 

This barn is one of a relatively small number of barns in the region that have round ventilators, which can be seen on the gable end facing the road. 

• Go northwest on Old Bethlehem Road toward Bridge Street
• Slight right on Kunsman Road, go .2 miles to 

2332 Kunsman Road
Quakertown, PA 18951 

This is an example of the classic Bucks County barn, also known as a Standard Pennsylvania barn, with a frame superstructure set on top of a stone first level.

• Go east on Kunsman Road toward Township Road
• Turn right onto Township Road
• Take the first left onto Springhouse Lane, go .5 miles to

2564 Springhouse Lane
Riegelsville, PA 18077

The next barn on the tour is an attractive example of a primarily stone structure with a frame forebay wall. This large barn is divided into four bays, with the gable end of the barn facing the road.

• Go northwest on Springhouse Lane toward Knecht Bridge Road
• Turn left onto Knecht Bridge Road, go .1 miles to 

Knecht's Covered Bridge
Knecht Bridge Road
Riegelsville, PA 18077 

Knecht's Covered Bridge was built of hemlock in 1873 using a system known as Town Lattice Truss Style and is 110 feet long and 15 feet wide. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on December 1, 1980.Click here for more information on the remaining 12 covered bridges and full turn-by-turn driving directions