If you’re from Bucks County or have driven through Upper Bucks, you might have heard of or seen signs for “Pearl S. Buck”. Perhaps you’ve attended a wedding at the beautiful Pearl S. Buck House. Or maybe you have already taken one of the tours of Ms. Buck’s home. Whether you knew her, want to know more about her, or are wondering who she is, the Hidden Gems: Fashioning a Legacy Exhibit will answer all your questions and more.

Pearl S. Buck led a fascinating life, and her clothes tell her story in a way no article can. From her childhood in China, through her adulthood in Perkasie, Hidden Gems displays her iconic looks and memorabilia worthy of a metropolitan level exhibit, right here in Bucks County.

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Upon entering the exhibit, you are greeted with the statement, “The clothes we choose to wear tell a story. Our personal style is an outward symbol to the world that displays who we are and what we care about.” As you walk through the exhibit, there is no question as to what Ms. Buck cared about. She presented herself to the world in a collected, elegant manner. And when the occasion called for it, like at the Kennedy Administration Nobel Laureate Dinner at the White House on April 29th, 1962, Ms. Buck matched the occasions with gowns fit for royalty. In fact, the dress she wore to receive the Nobel Prize was made by the prominent designer, Sally Milgrim, who designed gowns for first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Pearl Buck Blog

However, her clothes never overshadowed her passions; humanitarianism, cross-cultural understanding, caring for abandoned children, and literacy just to name a few. Samantha Freise, the museum curator, has made every effort to intertwine the many achievements made by Ms. Buck along with her clothing and personal collections. Throughout the exhibit, you will learn how Ms. Buck developed her passion to support orphaned children in Asia, just how many books she authored, and how important her family was to her. You will even see personal items from Julie Henning, raised as Pearl S. Buck’s daughter, and get an intimate glimpse into what life was like for Mrs. Henning as an Ameriasian girl born in Korea.

Pearl  Buck Blog

The life lived by Pearl S. Buck cannot be summarized justly in 500 words or less, it must be experienced through the pieces she wore, the items she treasured, the home she lived in, and the memories shared by others who knew and loved her. Hidden Gems: Fashioning A Legacy will not only educate you, but inspire you to display who you are and what you care about through your personal style.

Pearl Buck Blog

From now through May 31st, purchase tickets to Hidden Gems: Fashioning A Legacy through the Pearl S. Buck website (https://pearlsbuck.org/hidden-gems/). Guests can attend solely the Hidden Gems exhibit, or buy tickets for the exhibit & house tour combo for the full Pearl S. Buck experience. And make sure to stop into the gift shop, which is anything but what you’d expect a museum gift shop to be. From books, to snacks, locally made and international gifts, you will absolutely find a treasure to take home or share.