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Experience History on Christmas Day at the Washington Crossing Reenactment

by Christina Cordaro on December 18, 2021

There is nothing more special and comforting than waking up on Christmas morning to a crackling fire, the tree decorated with presents underneath and festive holiday music playing. This is a favorite family tradition of mine that I look forward to each and every year – and maybe you too! But there is another Christmas tradition that takes place every year to commemorate history right here in Bucks…

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Remembering 9/11 at the Garden of Reflection in Bucks County

by Alexandra Lashner on September 5, 2021

This year, 2021, marks 20 years since the attacks in the U.S. on September 11, 2001. To commemorate the anniversary, tourists and locals are able to pay their respects at a sacred spot in their own backyard: at the Garden of Reflection 9-11 Memorial is Yardley. They say everyone who lived through 9/11 remembers what they were doing that day. I was only seven years old at the time, so my memories…

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Step Back in Time with a Tour of William Penn’s Summer Home in Bucks County

by Christina Cordaro on August 6, 2021

Morrisville, the oldest borough in Bucks County has a lot to be proud of! Located at the falls of the Delaware River across from Trenton, sometimes this tiny town is overlooked. However, did you know this area is the former summer home and colonial estate of William Penn, the founder and governor of Pennsylvania and the city planner of Philadelphia? Pennsbury Manor is where William Penn resided a…

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Aliens at the Park: Spotting a UFO above Lake Galena

by Eric Mintel on July 26, 2021

Watch as part of the Bucks County Paranormal Investigations team, Eric Mintel and Dominic Sattelle, sit down with Bucks County resident Leslie Bilotta to hear her story about seeing a U.F.O. above Lake Galena in Peace Valley Park, Doylestown twice in April 2021 late at night. Take a break from the team’s typical paranormal encounters, and hear about an extraterrestrial one… UFO Sighting from Eric…

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Night Freight: Is the New Hope Railroad Haunted?

by Eric Mintel on June 28, 2021

Watch as the Bucks County Paranormal Investigations team of Eric Mintel, Dave Antonow and Dominic Sattelle head to the New Hope Railroad to investigate the strange paranormal occurrences for the first time ever on this historical railroad line that dates back to the turn of the 20 th century. Listen to staff discuss its history, current excursions and creepy encounters of their own. Then, watch as…

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Histories & Mysteries: The Haunted History of Hulemeville

by Eric Mintel on May 12, 2021

Who knew the small Bucks County town of Hulmeville could be so… haunted?! Specifically, the Old Colonial Inn, Johnson Hall, Hulmeville Inn, Old Colonial Inn, Hulmeville Borough offices and more – including some residences. Watch as Karen Hluchen, spirit medium, goes around to these businesses with the Bucks County Paranormal Investigations detectives, Eric Mintel, Dave Antonow and Dominic Sattele…

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Ghosts at the Golden Plough: The Haunted History of Peddler’s Village’s Inn

by Eric Mintel on April 12, 2021

A historically haunted paranormal hot spot with ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices, eyewitness testimony and playful spirits are said to inhabit the Golden Plough Inn in Peddler's Village. Bucks County Paranormal Investigations detectives, Eric Mintel, Dave Antonow and Dominic Sattele, were first alerted of ghostly happenings when they received an email from their client Brian DiSanto, who…

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Afternoon Hisor-Tea: Renovated Grundy Museum & Bricky Girl Tea Room

by Christina Cordaro on April 9, 2021

"If a man does not take pride in his own town, he isn't likely to give a rap about his country", once stated by Joseph Ridgeway Grundy, a well-known man to this day of our local community here in Bucks County. Joseph Ridgeway Grundy was the son of William Hulme and Mary Ridgeway Grundy and the last generation to live in the Grundy residence in Bristol Borough. In 1884, the home, which today is the…

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Mysteries at McCoole’s: The Haunted History of the Red Lion Inn

by Eric Mintel on March 13, 2021

Watch as the Bucks County Paranormal Investigations team of Eric Mintel, Dave Antonow and Dominic Sattelle head to McCoole's Red Lion Inn in Quakertown to investigate the strange paranormal occurrences that have been going on for quite some time according to staff. Owner Jan Hench takes us through the history, and servers Brian and Kimberly take us through the mysteries. It all culminates with a…

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Comparing Bucks County's Past and Present through Postcards

by Chase Palmer on January 19, 2021

When looking for additional activities to do outdoor this year, I became interested in exploring Bucks County’s past and what many places look like today. I had become very fascinated with a postcard series that was published by the Arnold Brothers of Rushland in the early 1900s, and used their postcards as a guide to the 239 Bucks County locations that I visited. Some of the sites are fairly…

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