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Family Outings Along the Quaker Meetinghouse Driving Tour

by Louise Feder on December 2, 2022

Visit Bucks County has compiled a list of 12 meetinghouses located throughout the County to create the Quaker Meetinghouse Driving Tour. The driving tour highlights each site’s history and architecture, taking drivers on a unique, scenic trip around the region. The entire driving tour, if done in a single trip, can take most of one day to complete, which sounds like an ideal day to me, but…

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Plan a School Field Trip of the Underground Railroad stops in Bucks County

by Heather McGurrin on August 1, 2022

This summer, Pennsbury, the school district where I teach, offered its first ever field trip (a summer learning opportunity) for staff members through its Partnerships of Diversity courses. By collaborating with The African American Museum of Bucks County, this amazing morning touring the Underground Railroad stops in Bucks County was made possible! There were 40 of us who hopped on a yellow…

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Happy 40th Anniversary to the Wedgwood Inn B&B of New Hope!

by Brittany Brown on April 10, 2022

Forty years ago in April of 1982, Carl and Nadine “Dinie” Glassman took a leap of faith when they saw an opportunity to move together to New Hope and open a bed & breakfast. The small riverside town filled with arts & culture is exactly where they felt their creative natures would thrive. Together, they took over ownership of the 1870 Wedgwood Inn of New Hope. “We come across as ‘The Dynamic…

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The Newtown Theatre Completes Phase I of Renovating its Iconic History

by Amanda Reiser on April 4, 2022

The Newtown Theatre has been a staple in the Newtown community since its inception in the early 19 th century. An Iconic History In 1831, the Newtown Theatre, or “Newtown Hall” as it was referred to back then, was the host to town gatherings and served as a non-sectarian church for traveling ministers. By the 1850s, the Newtown Theatre was in full swing with entertainment offerings like concerts…

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Historic Yardley Borough’s Hidden Figures and Fascinating Facts in Plain Sight

by Shirley Lee Corsey on February 6, 2022

“Hidden-in-plain-sight, meaning – That at some point in time seems to be hidden, but actually is not hidden and is easy to be found.” Three years ago, around this time for Black History Month, I was so honored to tell my 3-part story titled ‘Yardley Through The Years’, sharing photos and documentation about my family, the Lees; an African American family from Historic Yardley Borough. To date…

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A Look Back in Time: Peddler’s Village Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

by Jennifer Rogers Burns on January 22, 2022

Peddler’s Village, a countryside shopping, dining, lodging, and family entertainment destination in the heart of historic Bucks County, that is widely recognized for its popular festivals and events, is celebrating its 60 th anniversary in 2022! Peddler’s Village was created in 1962 by Earl Jamison, an ardent young entrepreneur who foresaw success in melding locally owned specialty shops and…

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Experience History on Christmas Day at the Washington Crossing Reenactment

by Christina Cordaro on December 18, 2021

There is nothing more special and comforting than waking up on Christmas morning to a crackling fire, the tree decorated with presents underneath and festive holiday music playing. This is a favorite family tradition of mine that I look forward to each and every year – and maybe you too! But there is another Christmas tradition that takes place every year to commemorate history right here in Bucks…

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Remembering 9/11 at the Garden of Reflection in Bucks County

by Alexandra Lashner on September 5, 2021

This year, 2021, marks 20 years since the attacks in the U.S. on September 11, 2001. To commemorate the anniversary, tourists and locals are able to pay their respects at a sacred spot in their own backyard: at the Garden of Reflection 9-11 Memorial is Yardley. They say everyone who lived through 9/11 remembers what they were doing that day. I was only seven years old at the time, so my memories…

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Step Back in Time with a Tour of William Penn’s Summer Home in Bucks County

by Christina Cordaro on August 6, 2021

Morrisville, the oldest borough in Bucks County has a lot to be proud of! Located at the falls of the Delaware River across from Trenton, sometimes this tiny town is overlooked. However, did you know this area is the former summer home and colonial estate of William Penn, the founder and governor of Pennsylvania and the city planner of Philadelphia? Pennsbury Manor is where William Penn resided a…

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Aliens at the Park: Spotting a UFO above Lake Galena

by Eric Mintel on July 26, 2021

Watch as part of the Bucks County Paranormal Investigations team, Eric Mintel and Dominic Sattelle, sit down with Bucks County resident Leslie Bilotta to hear her story about seeing a U.F.O. above Lake Galena in Peace Valley Park, Doylestown twice in April 2021 late at night. Take a break from the team’s typical paranormal encounters, and hear about an extraterrestrial one… UFO Sighting from Eric…

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