Ever want to visit Hawaii without leaving Bucks County? Located in Peddler’s Village, Moku Bowls serves up Asian-inspired Hawaiian style poke’ for your hungry island soul as well as all day Sunshine Bowls. When I first walked into the shop, I was blown away by just how big the space was. The decor was even more spectacular, I immediately felt like I was transported straight to Hawaii. Totally Instagram-worthy. 

Moku Bowls Blog Post

The owner, Deidre Cibelli, started Moku Bowls with her sister in-law, Cori Cobelli, after coming back from a trip to Hawaii. The original idea was to just offer acai bowls but Deidre suggested bringing poke bowls to the menu. Deidre wanted the customers to have the option to completely customize their poke to fit all diets and lifestyles, making Moku Bowls a hit! 

While Moku Bowls was born from a trip to Hawaii, they don't follow tradition when it comes to their poke options. Traditionally, poke is made with raw fish but Moku decided for them to fit into an array of diets, to add beef, cooked fish, chicken, and vegan options to their menu. They also have a wide variety of gluten free options and they are completely dairy free! Personally, I have a few dietary restrictions that can make it hard to try out new places, but Moku took all the guesswork out. I ended up ordering their Hei Hei Hawaiian bowl- and wow. I never tried poke before, but I was not disappointed. All of the flavors flowed together beautifully, and the sauce was to die for!

Moku Bowls Blog Post  Moku Bowls Blog Post

Cori had recently stepped away from Moku due to health issues, Deidre said “She’s the foodie, I’m the designer. We had a saying that she makes the food taste good, and I make it look pretty. I couldn't have done any of this without her.” You can really see the love and care that went into their menu. Everything is made fresh in house and we even saw the on-site prep work for the chicken while we were there.

Of course I also had to try their sunshine acai bowls! I decided to get an acai base with strawberries, bananas, granola and topped off with nutella! It was so refreshing, and I love the ability to create my own without being overwhelmed. Hands down probably the best acai bowl I’ve had since my trip to Hawaii!

Moku Bowls Blog Post

After both bowls, I was also able to go online and see a full breakdown of their nutrients and ingredients for every menu option. Moku Bowls has become one of my favorite places that I have eaten at in Bucks County, and I have been craving it ever since!