A historically haunted paranormal hot spot with ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices, eyewitness testimony and playful spirits are said to inhabit the Golden Plough Inn in Peddler's Village. Bucks County Paranormal Investigations detectives, Eric Mintel, Dave Antonow and Dominic Sattele, were first alerted of ghostly happenings when they received an email from their client Brian DiSanto, who had an encounter with a ghostly full body apparition in room 123 in February 2020. The team met with Assistant Director of Sales for Peddler's Village, Ann Lipcsey, and learned more about the incredible ongoing paranormal activity on over the years that can't be explained. Watch closely as a paranormal investigation takes place on site!

Ghosts at the Golden Plough Inn from Eric Mintel on Vimeo.