Given the rich history of Bucks County, it’s of no surprise that there is an abundance of chilling ghost stories born from various attractions. From the early settlers, to the Revolutionary War and since, there have been a number of published accounts of sightings and chilling experiences. Here is just the start of haunted places that you can find in the area…

The Black Bass Inn was built in the mid-1700’s at a time where the surrounding area was nothing but wilderness, so made it a perfect establishment for travelers to rest. It’s also famous for being loyal to the crown and a place that refused to put up George Washington for the night. During the early 1800’s, the inn paid host to a group of men who were there to build a canal in the area. The owner at the time, Hans, was stabbed during an altercation and as a result is the main ghostly legend of the Black Bass. The second floor where the “Empire Room” is found is one where staff do not enter due to the belief it is haunted and the uncomfortable feeling they get when inside the room.

Black Bass Hotel

There have been numerous sightings of Midnight Mary even though the story has become masked over the years. It’s said that she was a resident of Gertrude Spring and was killed in a car accident on the way to her prom in 1935. The car veered off the road and into a lake where her body was never recovered. She has been seen walking across the Manor Lake in her prom dress and hitchhiking along Bordentown Road. Whatever happened to “Mary”, no one really knows except that she continues to be seen in Bucks County.

George School is one of the most well-known schools in Bucks County with excellent facilities and a reputation for academic success. It’s also home to a haunted story. During the Revolution, Dr. James Tate who lived in one of the houses on site, dug up the body of a soldier who had sided and was buried nearby. He had died of a disease so Dr. Tate wanted to dissect his body. In his laboratory, he began working where upon completion he buried the remains in the basement. To this day, if you walk over the body, then any light will go out and you’ll hear footsteps up the stairs and in the hallway, as if the soldier is attempting to escape.

Logan Inn

New Hope is home to so many haunted stories that they have a lantern-led Ghost Tour walk! It’s been rumored that Room Six of the Logan Inn houses four individual ghosts, each with their own unique tale. The female ghost likes to linger while you sleep. The male ghost appears in the bathroom mirror and the two children enjoying waking up guests with their chilling cries. The smell of lavender usually means one of the spirits is near.

At the Wedgwood Inn Bed & Breakfast, it’s believed that a 12-year-old ex-slave, Sarah, still takes refuge at the inn, which was once part of the Underground Railroad and housed many runaway slaves during the 19th century. Her ghost has appeared on numerous occasions to various 12-year-old girls visiting the inn, telling her story of slavery and escape.

Sign at Wedgwood Inn