With spring in full swing and summer right around the corner, there is so much to do in Bucks County. If you're like me, a full itinerary - or at least a very thought-out plan - is a must! If you find yourself wondering what to do over the weekend, why not take a trip to New Hope? I even have a full itinerary for you:

New Hope Blog  New Hope Blog

11:00 AM: Coffee

To start the day off, we grabbed coffee and tea from Skyroast Coffee located in the Ferry Market. Just off the main road and in the heart of New Hope, it’s the perfect place to grab a cup, plan out your day, or just people watch!

12:00 PM: Shopping

New Hope Blog

Window shopping and taking in the sights might not be on the bucket list for everyone, but New Hope is full of so many cool and unique stores so it is definitely a must. Most notably we stopped by Mixed Threads to check out their collection of sports clothing. We also stopped by Chromium. They specialize in space age furniture and other decorations. It’s like walking back into the 60’s. There are also countless photo ops among the ever-growing collection.

We then set out on the Lambertville side of the Vintage Clothing Trail. The three locations we stopped by were Bear Bone Vintage, 10 Church, and finally Dry Goods Vintage. Each location has its own vibe and form of sourcing their items, and various price ranges too!

2:00 PM: Lunch

New Hope Blog  New Hope Blog

For a bite to eat we decided to head over to Triumph Restaurant and Brewing. They have a huge collection of in-house brews, and if you’re not a big beer drinker like me, they have a great selection of mixed drinks and mocktails. For an appetizer I would highly suggest house pretzels!

3:00 PM: More Shopping!

New Hope Blog

After lunch we finished up the Vintage Clothing trail in New Hope. We started in New Hope at Night Bird Vintage. For 30 years, Night Bird has been selling vintage classics, original designer clothing and retro sportswear. They have a goal to make vintage and second hand affordable, and reliably sourced.

Second stop was Love Saves the Day, originally founded in New York over 50 years ago. Their second location in New Hope opened only 10 years ago but walking in is like taking a trip back to New York in the height of the 60’s.

Our final stop was a place I’ve written about before, Ditto Vintage. Ditto is a Y2K haven, and I even bought a few things while there.

5:00 PM: Distillery Tasting

New Hope Blog  New Hope Blog

We stopped by Nomad Distilling Co for a quick tasting. The Blackberry Bramble and Root Beer shine were to die for! You have to stop by for a taste, maybe even a bottle!

5:30 PM: Ice Cream

Moo Hope

Before taking a stroll through town back to our car, we stopped for a scoop at Moo Hope Ice Cream. As someone that loves ice cream, but tries to stay dairy free, finding out they had vegan and non-dairy options was a game changer! Probably the highlight of the day for me.