Captured by Instagrammer@kgsphotoMy wife and I are in Princeton and regularly find our way out to Bucks County to explore. On this day, we were headed out to Holland to see our friends' new house they just moved into. We left their place just in time to rush over to Core Creek State Park to see if I could grab a nice colorful winter sunset over the lake. Our timing was just right, and so was the location, the sunset was very vivid. From Core Creek, we headed towards 95 to make our way home. As we approached the highway, we could see tons of Christmas lights in the distance. I then realized that the Shady Brook Farm holiday display was still up and running so we made a B-line for the farm. There were no lines for the the light show and after the drive through the farm we stopped in and picked up dinner and desert. After leaving the farm store we spent a little time at the outdoor fire pits and roasted some marshmallows for the road. Another great day out in Bucks County.

~ Kris. S. 

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