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Go see Rocky Horror Show!

Running until October 28th, Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show, directed by Hunter Foster, at The Bucks County Playhouse is nothing short of INCREDIBLE. Filled with a score fans know and love, surprising current references, and a chance to do the Timewarp on stage with the cast at the end of the show, you do not want to miss out!

Rocky Horror

My friend and I had never seen a live performance of The Rocky Horror Show, and it was truly different from any other live production we had been to. The major difference being the involvement of the audience. Not only did we have provided props that we were encouraged to used, but most of the crowd was well acquainted with the cult classic and shouted out lines, comments, questions, and responses throughout the show. The cast flawlessly leaned into and encouraged the audience participation, adding another layer of unique fun to the experience.

Rocky Horror

I cannot begin to describe the level of talent in this show. We were blown away by the comedic timing, the dance numbers, and most of all the singing. “Magenta”, played by the outstanding Alyssa Wray, and “Riff Raff”, played by the brilliant Tim Shea, opened the show with the classic, “Science Fiction/Double Feature” and blew everyone out of the water with their harmonies and high notes. “The Narrator”, played by the distinguished Benjamin Howes, guided us through the musical with whit, banter, and surprises. “Brad” and “Janet”, played by the adorable and hilarious Jason Forbach and Kristen Martin, had us in stitches while they discovered new experiences and aspects of themselves. “Columbia", played by the joyous Larkin Reilly, showcased her singing and dancing abilities, as did “Eddie”, played by the rock and roll sage Stanley Martin. “Rocky”, played by the gorgeous and talented Mike Bindeman, lived up to every expectation of “Dr. Frank ’N’ Furter’s” “perfect” creation. And speaking of "Dr. Frank ’N’ Furter” played by the electrifying, remarkable, and “insert your synonym for spectacular here” Frankie Grande, astounded us all by dancing and singing in some of the highest heels we’ve ever seen. The costumes, the music and the choreography, led by Nicole V. Moody, Luke Molloy, and Shannon Lewis respectively, truly transported us to another world, of which we were reluctant to leave once the show was over.

As anyone familiar with the live performance or movie will know, this is not (as my friend explained to her 5 year old who wanted to come with us) “PG”, and The Bucks County Playhouse recommends audiences no younger than 17. The Bucks County Playhouse offers valet parking which is extremely convenient. However, if you’d like to find your own parking and skip the valet charge, I recommend arriving at least 30-45 minutes early. This also allows you to stop at the concession stand outside the theater to enjoy a beverage underneath whimsical string lights before heading inside. Or arrive even earlier to grab a bite to eat at the Playhouse Deck and take in the amazing cuisine and unobstructed views of the Delaware River.

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