Visit Bucks County partnered with videographer and photographer Meredith Edlow on a funny and engaging video series that depicts the process of enduring the mundane of everyday life and daydreaming about escaping to the beautiful countryside in Bucks County.

The videos use couples and individuals as the main characters to highlight the serenity and fun that can be found by exploring Bucks County’s Wine and Ale Trails, restaurants, quaint downtowns and main streets and bed and breakfasts.

Though varying in personalities, the stars all come to one common conclusion and tagline: Got to go to Bucks County! 

"Just a Drop More"

In this first installment, travel along the Bucks County Ale Trail using a moving map highlighting several local breweries.

There’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day’s work, wanting to relax with a cold one, only to find that the fridge is empty. The man in the video daydreams about visiting Bucks County’s Ale Trail and finally getting to enjoy a flight of craft brews at Doylestown Brewing Co.

Visitors to Bucks County enjoy interesting flavors at brew fests, tastings and tours.