As you probably know, March is International Women's Month, a time to showcase and honor some of our favorite women-led enterprises.

The Lucky Cupcake located in Peddlers Village is one of those places. Offering a wide variety of baked goods, this women owned, women run establishment has been churning out cupcakes, cakes, cookies, donuts, specialty coffees and more for the past 15 years. 

The Lucky Cupcake Blog

Owner and Founder, Joanne Jarin started out her business when she was a single mom who wanted to be able to walk to work. Over the years, all of her kids have worked at the bakery in some capacity, but it wasn’t always easy.  It took her 10 years before she actually started turning a profit.  An appearance on the popular TV competition show “Cupcake Wars” definitely helped and they saw a pop in business. Then Covid hit. They obviously made it through and we are thankful they did as they bring so much joy to the community.  

Lucky Cupcake Blog

Not only do they find success with their sweets, but a few years ago, you may have started seeing Lucky Cupcake Shirts and Hoodies out and about. Their cute seasonal designs can be seen seen on people of all ages. Joanne credits her twin daughters for the sweet success their merch has brought them. The twins wore their cupcake shirts to school and soon everyone wanted to wear their adorable designs. They have a green Grinch themed cupcake hoodie at Christmas, a four leaf clover Lucky Cupcake for St Patty's day, rainbow LGBTQ+ cupcake shirts for pride and many more innovative designs. Joanne says the shirts have become a collectors item for many.

Lucky Cupcake Blog

Joanne also runs Sweet Occasions, an event space in Peddlers Village that fits up to 60 people, where you can host a party, ladies night out, bridal shower, baking class or whatever you don't want to host in your own house.

Lucky Cupcake Blog

Joanne has been amazing in giving back to the community by raising money for Breast Cancer Charities in October, supporting A Woman’s Place and donating to food banks.  She also hosts field trips for elementary school kids where they get an economics lesson in selling cupcakes. 

Visiting The Lucky Cupcake is one of those places that just makes you happy when you walk in.  They go above and beyond to be inclusive for everyone offering gluten free and vegan options, specialty menus and more. Just ask!  

With its yummy smells, fun atmosphere and kind staff, what better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than to support this local business.