Coming home for the holiday season and looking for something to do with friends or family? Spend the day in Doylestown and check out the new exhibit at the Michener Art Museum, Walk This Way: Footwear from the Stuart Weitzman of Historic Shoes, before walking on over to lunch at the new, Las Frida's Mexican restaurant!

I recently had the chance to do both with my mom, and we had a fun Saturday afternoon that was well spent!

The Michener Art Museum showcases exhibitions that offer a variety of artistic expressions and diverse educational programs to the public. Walk This Way is one of many current exhibits at the museum that develops a lifelong involvement in the arts.

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To start the journey of this lifelong movement of 100 pairs of shoes on display, you begin the exhibit seeing a pair of satin wedding shoes worn in 1838 to a pair of Nike Air Jordan's in 2021. Within that time frame, you get to walk (how fitting) through time, exploring the process of shoemaking, the role of women in one of the first mass production industries, and their participation in the forming of organized labor.

I always thought of the idea of shoemaking as something simple. However when I left the museum that day, I was proven wrong. Learning the history of this craft, seeing how shoes have transformed throughout the years, and reading about celebrities and famous historical figures wearing these pieces of art, changed my mind. 

Doylestown blog

Doylestown blog

You can read and study the descriptions of shoes at your own leisure, or you scan the QR codes, and follow along with the audio tour. 

The museum is open Wednesdays through Sundays, and the exhibit runs until January 15, 2023. 

After our visit at the museum, we headed to Las Frida’s for lunch, which is only a few minutes away. This restaurant is new and recently opened its doors in August 2022. 

They serve authentic Mexican street style food, including nachos, tacos, burritos, chimichangas, salads, quesadillas and flautas, tortas and sandwiches. They pride themselves in serving food the same way it would be served in the streets of Mexico. Frida Kahlo is featured throughout the restaurant because she is a big icon to their culture, and where the restaurant’s name derives from.

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To dine, my mom got the Taco Salad and I got the Chori Pollo burrito bowl. My mom loved the guacamole and crisp but light taco shell that it was served in. I loved that my dish had both blackened-grilled chicken and chorizo. Anytime I see chorizo on a menu, I just have to get it! I especially loved the cheese sauce mixed with the sour cream to make it extra tasty. 

Doylestown blog  Doylestown blog

Not only was the food delicious, but the service and attention to detail was impeccable as well. I also love the artist Frida Kahlo, so I enjoyed seeing her artwork displayed throughout the restaurant. I definitely recommend it here and I know I will be back! 

Las Frida's is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday of the week, so stop on in when you’re spending the #HolidaysinBucksCo!

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