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GET TO KNOW: Actress Sophie Grace

Sophie Grace plays Kristy, the leader of the pack on Netflix’s new show The Baby-Sitters Club based on the 1990’s teen book series. Believe it or not, young actress Sophie was born and raised in Newtown for the first 3 years of her life, going to Chesterbrook Academy for pre-school, then moved one town over to Wrightstown where she attended Wrightstown Elementary for six years before moving out west. Read on for her full interview about her favorite things in Bucks County…

  • On set of The Baby-Sitters Club, courtesy of Netflix
  • Sophie Grace headshot

What inspired you to become an actress?

I always wanted to be a “rock star” and just loved preforming from a young age. I got into film acting for fun but the second I started I knew it was what I wanted to do. I guess I don’t have a specific dream role but I just want to inspire others and tell new stories! I would love to act alongside the iconic Jennifer Aniston.

What is/was your favorite part about acting on The Baby-Sitters Club? 

My favorite part of being on The Baby-Sitters Club is seeing kids’ faces light up when I meet them. It means I did my job right. I did read some of the books when I was younger with my sisters!

How have you been keeping busy during quarantine?

During quarantine I’ve been doing a ridiculous amount of art and going on a lot of bike rides. I’ve also been spending a lot of time in nature and working with my plants. In addition, I’ve been spending loads of time with my family and trying to bake

  • Sophie & her siblings at Wrightstown Elementary School

Favorite restaurant in Bucks County?

That’s hard, they were all so good! I loved going to Greenstraw Smoothies, having Asian cuisine at Oishi, and of course OwowCow Creamery for dessert.

Favorite attractions in Bucks County?

My favorite place to visit is definitely New Hope! It’s such a cute and fun town, and I still wear my Fred’s Breakfast T-shirt all the time! There’s no place like New Hope and everything in Bucks County is so original and genuinely fun.

Why are you proud to call Bucks County home?

Bucks County was just a wonderful area to grow up in! It has that warm, welcoming, small town feel that everyone loves! There are so many fun things to do, foods to try, and gorgeous sights to see!