Bucks County
Author: Sophia Boschetto

Sophia Boschetto grew up in the center of Doylestown and is now a film student at the University of Vermont. During the 19 years she lived in Bucks County she was an active member of the community, volunteering at Doylestown Hospital and writing for a teen section in the Intelligencer Newspaper. Sophia continues to be a part of the Bucks County community as she trains to be a firefighter at the Doylestown Fire Department when she is home from school. Sophia is passionate about music and plays the piano and guitar. She is a movie buff and loves to watch and quote her favorite films, Legally Blonde and all of the Harry Potters. Bucks County will always be Sophia’s first and favorite home and she’s proud to represent her town.

For thousands of escaped slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Underground Railroad represented hope for a new life. This secret network of hidden, safe places relied on abolitionists and kind communities to aid runaways on their journey northward. Bucks County was home to many important stops on the railroad from taverns and churches to privately owned farms, many of which can still be

Fall in Doylestown is the leaves changing colors before your eyes on morning bike rides along the bike path. It’s the crisp air you feel when pumpkin picking at Hellerick’s Family Farm or The Market at Del Val. And it’s the freshly brewed pumpkin coffee at The Zen Den to warm you up after being outside.

Fall is Doylestown is simply the best! Ready to experience it for yourself? As a local, here is

If you’re an animal lover looking for great interactive activities, Bucks County has you covered. Whether it’s an outing with friends or family, or even a self-care day, you’ve come to the right place. From goat yoga to alpaca farms…here is a sampling of the best interactive animal activities in Bucks County!

1. Goat Yoga at Hellerick’s Family Farm

It’s important to start your day off right.