After hearing about the Peace Valley Lavender Farm on a recent visit to Doylestown for the International Bike Film Festival, I put it on the top of my list to head back there to explore more of Doylestown at the end of the school year with my mom.

And what a day it was!

The lovely lavender farm is located in Bucks County’s bucolic Doylestown, PA. The aroma of lavender hits your nose as soon as you leave your vehicle and walk up the charming grounds. One of the farmers, George, was hanging up some freshly picked floral treasures from the ceiling in a room attached to the gift shop. My mom and I took a walk through the gift shop where we witnessed two women hard at work sewing beautifully fragrant lavender therapy blankets. We purchased “Stress Away,” which was a salve that is applied to the neck, temples, and behind the ears to relieve stress - it sure did the trick! We also left the shop with a fresh bouquet of lavender to bring the fresh smell back to our homes. 

Lavender 2


Lavender 5

Lavender 3

You can’t miss the view of the gorgeous Lake Galena from the lavender fields, so even though it wasn’t in the plans, we headed over to Peace Valley Park right across the street.

What a hidden gem of a park! The lake is a vast reservoir created in 1974 by the damming of the north branch of the Neshaminy Creek. The park is filled with an abundance of beauty containing 14 miles of wooded nature trails and meadows, along with a 6 mile loop around the lake, perfect for running, walking, biking, or taking the dog on a stroll.

Heather McGurrin

Peace Valley Park 2

After running into a friend from Fairless Hills who just moved to Chalfont, a nearby borough that was the home of William Penn’s first wife, we stopped at a very unique farm. My friend highly recommended this “must see'' spot in the area, Tabora Farms, located on Upper Stump Road in Chalfont. 

We are so thrilled we added Tabora Farms to our itinerary! Not only were all of the baked goods in the store fresh and yummy, there was a deli in the back with the most flavorful chili I have ever tasted, a country store with fresh cookies, flavored pretzels, snacks, coffee, teas of all kinds, and even fresh salsa and preserves!  The lemon meringue pie was as high as the sky. What was awesome about this farm was all of the seating outside right beside the apple orchard. There were even swing sets and fun activities outside for the little ones. My mom and I discussed making this farm a monthly trip because it was so special!

Tabora 1

Tabora 2

Tabora 4

Tabora 3

Our last destination was the Penn Taproom located on West State Street in the heart of downtown Doylestown.  Of course, we had to stop in Fabby-Do, a Creative Boutique for Kids, just before the tasty pub, too. My mom loved it! The owner is the oldest of 10 kids and my mom and dad raised 8 children themselves, so they had much in common to share with each other! 

Inspired by a 1950’s penny candy store, this was the perfect stop before heading for a late lunch. Parking was convenient right outside the Penn Tap Room. We both sipped on margaritas that were refreshing and tasty. The jalapeno margarita hit the spot with muddled lime and orange, plus a hint of heat - yum! 

We split some fresh, lightly salted edamame and a truffle rosemary burger that was to die for. It even had melted brie and arugula on top, which was a bonus. The outdoor patio was perfect for seating even in the close to 90 degree weather because of the shaded spots and cool breeze. It was cozy, decorated with flowers, and had outstanding service. 

On our way back to the car we stopped at Le Macaron, a French pastry shop on Oakland Avenue in downtown Doylestown for a scrumptious pistachio gelato. What a perfect ending to a delicious meal and day. After all that walking, there was no guilt attached to the delectable dessert!

Le Macaron1

Le Macaron 2Cafe

Fabby Do

Take your kids, grandparents, siblings, parents, a date, friend, or YOURSELF to beautiful Doylestown and its outskirts, in the beautiful county of Bucks. Different varieties of lavender bloom at slightly different times during the month of June through mid-July. The peak of the blooming season is in the 3rd and 4th weeks of June, so do not delay. You will not be disappointed!