Bucks County
Corn maze at Shady Brook Farm

A-Mazing Bucks County Corn Mazes

What’s better for a fall afternoon than a family visit to one of the coolest, creepiest or most creative corn mazes in Bucks County? If you’re searching for a place to take the kids for a day of wandering or maybe just a fun time with friends, here are just some of the best modern labyrinth masterpieces in Bucks County.

  • Shady Brook Farm
  • Styer Orchard pumpkins and gourds
Shady Brook Farm

Open from mid-September through October 31, discover the Giant Johnny Appleseed themed corn maze! Get lost in three acres of fun, enjoy hayrides and pumpkin picking. On Horrorfest nights, bring your own flashlight to navigate after dark. As a bonus, try some freshly squeezed apple cider, tons of pies and more at this charming family farm.

Styer Orchard

Tons of fall activities make this the perfect season to visit Styer Orchard! Beginning in mid-September, put on your boots and get a kick out of their amazing corn maze designed to get you lost in a good time. You can also pick your own fresh fruits and vegetables all year round.

Snipes Farm and Education Center

Open from late September through Halloween, this monster corn maze is intended to be fun and instructive. Families gather to work together, competitively discover clues hidden in the corn to help find the exit. This year's labyrinth subject is the Undersea World!

Hellerick's Family Farm

The Hellerick Family has been busy this past winter, spring and summer making the current year's five-acre corn maze. Unique corn seed and planting strategies have helped make this corn field labyrinth ensured to befuddle and engage! The normal time to solve the maze is 45 minutes to an hour. Have fun with the corn maze at night with flashlights, hayrides and bonfires!

Active Acres Farm

If you’re looking for a scary maze, Active Acres Farm is the place to go. Here you can find lots of activities for the little ones and the big ones too like apple picking, hayrides and a pumpkin patch. When night falls, dare to follow the path that leads through the corn, but be careful, there is more than corn stalks in that field. Keep your friends and family close and try not to pay attention to the screams ahead.

AGA Farms

AGA Farms has two corn mazes for you to check out while you visit. The extensive corn maze covers two sections of land, containing clues, circles, and deadlocks. Every year the labyrinth is specially crafted and hand-manufactured. Enter if you don’t mind losing all sense of direction! They also have a little corn maze, a winding path through one acre of corn, with nothing to aim you in the wrong direction. This labyrinth is extraordinary for kids!

The Market at DeVal

Come and appreciate all that farm life has to offer with wagon rides to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin picking, inflatable attractions, a monster corn maze and more fall family fun!

Winding Brook Farm

Winding Brook Farm created a five-acre maze that will test your brain! Come see their masterpiece made by Brett Herbst, author of The Maize, LLC. Expect 30 minutes or more to finish. A trivia question "passport" can help guide you through the maze if answered correctly. In the event of defeat, they have "corn cops" to show you the way out.